Terms and Conditions of Sale

Price Basis
Prices quoted exclude GST unless otherwise stated

Rate of Exchange
Quoted prices for goods not in stock may be subject to change due to exchange rate variation and also changes in transport and port costs.

Terms of Payment
Minimum 10% deposit is required with order placement/Confirmation, balance prior to delivery via
Card,Electronic Funds Transfer, by bank or finance company cheque. If financed, finance settlement must occur prior to machine delivery.

This machine is sold on the understanding that it remains the property of JC Walsh payment is made in full.

Machines as indicated usually are ex stock subject to prior sale, otherwise,
For interstate shipment usually 2-3 days from order into warehouse (ex Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane) for overseas consignments Delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks ex factory (depending on the manufacturer) and approximately 4-6 weeks shipping time ex European/ U.S. Port, or 2-3 weeks ex Taiwan / China Port.
This is subject to confirmation and no guarantees can be made to the accuracy.

Delivery Conditions
Quoted prices are Ex- Warehouse Melbourne unless otherwise stated in quotation. Freight and Insurance are at customer’s expense.
The cost of crane hire and / or forklift hire for unloading and positioning is not included in the price. We can assist with recommendations but charges are to the customer’s account.


Installation and commissioning is additional (please refer to attached schedule) unless otherwise stated on the quotation.
Please note that this does not include electrical, air and dust connection to your main supply and is based upon the assumption that you can provide any lifting facilities required to assemble the machine, necessary oils and lubricants etc, and personnel to assist our engineer as nominated.

Maintenance and operator training where appropriate will be carried out during the installation and initial running of the machine by a JC Walsh- Luna Machinery (Vic) service technician.

Warranty related service work will be carried out free of charge (within metro area) during the warranty period of the machine. Service outside the warranty period will then be available at the prevailing rate.